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Once your application is up and running, you want to be able to sleep at night without worrying about your application. Benefit from Aexis’ expertise and let us support your organization to make sure people have the insights they need.

Discover our SLA offerings

SLA Subscription Packages

Benefit from Aexis’ long expertise supporting your application. We offer technical and functional in 3 subscription packages: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each package comes with a number of support hours included and a standard level of support including response times.

SLA Subscription Package Bronze Silver Gold
Access to Aexis ticketing system Zendesk
Access to vendor software knowledge base and/or user community
Right to install software patch update
Right to install software releases upgrade
Use of an Aexis support engineer for software/server related issues - conform Aexis Zendesk Governance & Ticketing
Use of an Aexis support engineer for application and technical related issues
Access to an application consultant for application related issues
Periodic application sanity check
Off-site application usage coaching (online contact)
In-house copy of customer application
Quarterly issue log reporting and meeting
Guaranteed support during closing critical time window
Guaranteed support during forecast critical time window
Guaranteed support during budget critical time window

Learn more about what offer suits your needs the best

We offer standard SLA’s and the ability to include additional services. Please contact us for further information and pricing.