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AisBud supports the financial department of industrial companies in the budgeting process, analysis, and financial reporting.

AisBud helps industrial companies with:


Creating and managing the multi-year plan and budget in accordance with industry-specific regulations.



Centralizing data from various sources such as accounting, sales, production, and human resources.


Providing insights into budgets, actuals, and forecasts, and quickly and easily creating scenarios to make informed decisions.


Developing reports and dashboards to efficiently communicate results.

With AisBud, you not only accelerate your budgeting and reporting processes but also gain more insight into the process itself. Thanks to the workflow, you can see which step each budget holder is currently working on. AisBud is based on Aexis’s over 25 years of experience in implementing Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions across various industries. Each industry has its own specifics in terms of budgeting, planning, and reporting. The heart of every CPM environment is formed by Finance

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The AisBud application is
modularly structured.

The various AisBud modules are:

Financial base module

This is the core of the application. With the standard “Finance” module, a financial plan can be created quickly, easily, and without calculation errors at the account level.

This module comes standard with a cost center structure, version control, parameter settings, indexing rules, initialization options, workflow, security, and the use of multiple periods (years, quarters, months), standard reports, charts, and much more.


best practices & extensive reporting capabilities

AisBud offers financially and operationally oriented reports with specific sector indicators, performance reports, and the ability to add comments.

Thanks to AisBud’s modern, intuitive user interface, you can quickly create your own reports and dashboards.

Retains the Benefits of Excel

Thanks to the powerful Excel Add-In, you can continue working from the familiar Microsoft Excel® interface and create ad-hoc reports just as flexibly, while enjoying the benefits of a central database, unique computational power, and validation and authorization with AisBud.

Proof of performance

AisBud use case

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AisBud Brochure

AisBud: Budgetteren met de Excel add-in

In deze korte demo ziet u hoe u eenvoudig met AisBud en de Excel Add-In uw budget en rapportages opmaakt. (Dutch only)