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Today’s world evolves more rapidly than ever before. But still, many people spend a huge amount of time on manual, spreadsheet-based processes – collecting, consolidating and validating data before they can even begin to analyze it. 

Successful companies need to have the right tools in place for faster, more efficient and more accurate budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Aexis provides state-of-the-art FP&A- technology from leading vendors such as IBM and Jedox to support you with the technology you need.


Jedox – Unified FP&A Solution

Aexis is proud partner of Jedox: one unified solution for your planning, forecasting and reporting. Jedox provides you with a flexible platform for enterprise performance management. Simplify your life by automating repetitive tasks, strengthening collaborations and transforming your business through the power of AI with Jedox.

  • Unified solution for planning, forecasting, reporting and financial consolidation
  • Perfect to replace your spreadsheet supported processes
  • Shorten your planning cycles
  • Realize one version-of-the-truth
  • Implement rolling forecasting and improve your forecast with AI
  • Utilize the intuitive web interface, or work directly from Excel with the Excel Add-In
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Jedox – Unified FP&A Solution

Try Jedox 14 days for free with full functionality in the cloud!

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson is a fast, flexible and AI-powered FP&A-solution. It has been praised for its ease of use by customers and analysts alike. This solution not only automates manual tasks to accelerate planning and forecasting cycles but goes beyond automation to help you uncover new insights directly from your data. 

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson was formerly known as IBM Cognos Performance Management or IBM Cognos TM1, highly appreciated for its powerful modelling capabilies and maximal flexibility. Features that are still present today but of course have evolved over time.

Key benefits
  • Automates manual planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis
  • Facilitates flexible profitability analysis and what-if scenario modeling
  • Integrates with the familiar Microsoft Excel interface to speed adoption
  • Embedded predictive and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to augment human intelligence

Ready to dive in? Request your IBM trial!

Live Demonstration of IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

As an introduction to the unique possibilities of IBM Planning Analytics, the demonstration in the video here below is available to you.

This video shows an example of how you can use IBM Planning Analytics for Financial Planning to create multiple scenarios and optimize your cash position.

IBM Planning Analytics

“Back in 2013, we decided to optimize our financial consolidation and reporting processes with IBM

Planning Analytics powered by TM1. As of today, we really cannot even imagine working without

IBM Planning Analytics anymore

Group Reporting Manager of large international manufacturer working with IBM Planning Analytics

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Benefit maximal from your software

Aexis is Ceritified Jedox Training Center

Want to benefit from your corporate performance management project? Want to ensure easy

implementation? Then you’ll want to be familiar with every function of the software solution. Aexis  its certified Jedox Trainers deliver the

professional training you need to leverage Jedox solutions to the max.


GAP Assessment Workshops

Discover our GAP Assessment workshops to create a business case according to the definition of TOM (Target operating model). The Assessment takes 5 to 8 working days including 3 workshops each of ½ day. We offer 3 workshops:

  • WKS 1: Gap assessment
  • WKS 2: Effort & Business impact Assessment 
  • WKS 3: Priorities, Roadmap and High Level Scope definition for each priority


Set-up your business case based on the outcome GAP Assessment.

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Aexis Maturity Scans

We offer free maturity scans on Data Maturity and CPM for organisations and companies. Based on the outcome of the Maturity Scan, Aexis can offer a quick scan to define the major elements of improvement and how to implement those improvements. Discover our scans:


Interim Services

Aexis offers interim services to organisations and companies in case the client needs temporary replacement of a Key-user or Jedox Administrator.  

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Extended Support

Aexis offers 2 sanity checks/year on the running models for FP&A and S&OP. The Sanity check will indicate the obsolete parts or data in the models and the potential performance issues.

Benefit from our dedicated support during critical process moments (closing, budget finalization, forecast start , …).


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