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Independent research reports show that Jedox and IBM Planning Analytics are leading Budgeting & Forecasting solutions

Ventana Research: IBM Planning Analytics (TM1) ranked first overall

Recently, Ventana Research published the 2022 release of its Business Planning Value Index. This includes an independent assessment of CPM-vendors and their products. The goal of this research is to provide an objective view on the maturity of software vendors, products and value for business planning and forecasting.

The vendors which are evaluated are Anaplan, Board International, IBM, Infor, Insightsoftware, OneStream Software, Oracle, Planful (formerly Host Analytics), Prophix, SAP, Unit4, Vena Solutions, Wolters Kluwer and Workday.

In this research, IBM Planning Analytics (formerly TM1) is ranked first overall and categorized as an Exemplary Vendor by Ventana. IBM Planning Analytics is awarded for its Product Experience, Customer Experience and excellent TCO. 

Aexis is a long-term strategic partner with unique expertise in IBM Planning Analytics. For the last decades, Aexis has placed its trust in IBM Planning Analytics and endorses IBM Planning Analytics its excellent features for financial planning and forecasting. The combination of its its powerful engine together with Workspace as state-of-the-art user interface for planning and visualisation is proven to be very successful, and is the foundation for our Aexis xFP&A Standard Products (link naar xFP&A PAGE). 

BARC Score: Jedox and IBM are Market Leaders

Within the Ventana Research, Jedox software was not evaluated. However, on the 31st of March, BARC published its Integrated Planning & Analytics (IP&A) Report. The BARC Score focusses on the combination of both planning and analytics capabilities as key elements in a successful CPM-Solution.

BARC categorizes both IBM and Jedox as Market Leaders in Integrated Planning & Analytics, awarding not only the products from a technological perspective, but also the vendor’s strategy and existence of strong ecosystems of business partners and alliances, which is a very important element when choosing a new technology that supports your business.

BARC points out that Jedox customers are highly satisfied using Jedox and its very user-friendly Microsoft Excel alike front-end capabilities. For IBM Planning Analytics, BARC highlights the high-performance in-memory (TM1) database that enables customers to develop almost any planning application including complex models using large data volumes. 

View the CPM-section at our website, or download your copy of the market research documents mentioned in this post directly here:

  • Ventana Business Planning Value Index 2022 – Market Report (Summary). 
  • BARC Score Integrated Planning & Analytics (IP&A) 2022 (Summary).

Ventana Business Planning Value Index 2022 – Market Report (Summary)

BARC Score Integrated Panning & Analytics (IP&A) 2022 (Summary)

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