Customer Case

Marine engineering and construction

Business Challenges

Business divisions each had their own ERP system. Different entities had different types of projects. Therefore profitability and financial results were reported in different ways and formats.


“Consistency in the data leads to onesingle version of the truth.”

Solutions, Aexis approach & assistance

A multidimensional and fast performing database was set up with TM1, which integrates excellently with Microsoft Excel, resulting in harmonised financial reporting.

Aexis perfomed the full implementation and allowed for an easy knowledge transfer(effective training).

“IBM Cognos TM1 allows you to play on the personal, functional, and business-related aspects of planning, analysis and reporting.”

Results & Benefits

All subsidiaries now speak the same financial language.

The financial department has a simpler way to take decisions about complex matters as it has all pertinent information at hand in TM1.

Cognos TM1 bridged a gap between financial and operational departments.

Automation of the manual processes - e.g. collecting data, the integration of the actuals, etc. - created more time for (extra) analyses.

The TM1 solution supports dynamic planning via workflow management, forecasting and profitability analysis.

The Financial department is now able to view the business results efficiently to maximize profit contribution while managing the capital.

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