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Customer Case


Business Challenges

The role of business controller increasingly demanded a ‘creative’ employee. Albron used to lose months per year by entering the data manually. These data were recorded in Excel for the various catering locations. As a result, entering and checking the figures is time-consuming and it was difficult to provide timely insight into the company’s performance.

Albron now has an efficient preview tool which allows it to look ahead in time, according to Business Control.


“After all, there’s no use looking in the rear-view mirror
if you want to move ahead quickly.”


Solutions, Aexis approach & assistance

The IBM solution (TM1) is used as a ‘preview’ tool
for the budgeting process of catering locations.

The tooling displays five quarters which
gives Albron the time to make adjustments.

Results & Benefits

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Business control can be more focused taking (strategic) decisions by means of the steering information.

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Albron can make timely adjustments at the operational level.

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The business controller obtains a more forward-looking view thanks to the qualitative model representing the five quarters. This has increased the manageability of the organisation and controllers have a better eye on the future.

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The controllers can focus more on ‘looking ahead’ (preview) instead of justifying the past and ‘looking back’ (review).

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