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Hobud, technology

HoBUD, the budget application for hospitals and care homes

Webinar Healtcare – HoBUD

Meet HoBUD, the budget application developed by Aexis in collaboration with hospitals, and in particular the CHR of Liège.

HoBUD is an application that helps hospitals and care homes to quickly automate budget forecasts per department, centralise data from various sources, develop reports and dashboards to communicate results clearly, etc.

In our Healtcare Webinar, you’ll discover the challenges, opportunities and flexibility of the software!

Webinar is given in French!


  •  Start Webinar: Aexis presentation: The company
  • Testimony of the GHdC: The implementation of Hobud as part of a process already well-established budget: challenges, opportunities and flexibility of the software.
  • Testimony of the CHU UCL of Namur: HoBud adapted to the budget process of the CHU UCL Namur
  • HoBUD demonstration

26/11/2020 – 13.30 – 15.00