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INFORMATICA Intelligent Cloud is coming to you!

AEXIS Learn & Breakfast in Ghent & Antwerp on the 6th or 19th of November

Think Moving to Cloud Simplifies Data Management? (Think Again!)

Moving to the cloud doesn’t solve the data integration and management challenges of digital transformation, it amplifies them—exponentially. With exploding data volumes and new datatypes cropping up all the time, your company’s data is sprawled across on-premise systems as well as public and private clouds. This creates more data silos, making it increasingly difficult to manage, connect, and sync all that disparate data—faster—to make it useful for the organisation.


  • “The integration and exchange of information between systems, seems like a black box to us.”
  • “We are thinking about moving to the cloud but struggle connecting OnPremise data with new cloud-based applications.”
  • “We would like to open up data to customers and suppliers, but we lack time and experience to do so today.”
  • “We want to migrate our Data Warehouse to Cloud storage on Amazon or Microsoft Azure but are not sure how to get this done in a cost-efficient and timely way.”
  • “We are thinking about deploying a customer portal and we need to be able to provide data in a safe and secure way but this takes too long and creates too much overhead.”

Moving to the cloud can help cut cost in maintaining or by phasing out legacy systems, increase availability and performance of your business infrastructure and it is a key enabler for your digital transformation.

INFORMATICA Intelligent Cloud seminar

Do you want to learn from the experts? Do you want to find out how you can automate your Data and Cloud integration work? How can you build an architecture which enables you to quickly integrate Data for key Business Processes? How can you build a platform to fulfill both your business needs as well as regulatory requirements?


7h30: breakfast with coffee and tea
8h00: session 1 – introduction INFA Cloud + key use cases
8h30: session 2 – focus on Hybrid Cloud Use Case
9h15: session 3 – iPaaS
9h45: closing coffee till 10 am

During this Breakfast session, you will discover:

– The 4 main use cases for Cloud Migration and Cloud Integration.
– A deep dive in The Hybrid Cloud use case –– the future is Cloud, but today is OnPrem.
– INFORMATICA iPaaS (Platform as a Service) approach – how to go to cloud and beyond.

Get the opportunity to meet the Cloud experts and discuss with your peers! Time is valuable and no one likes to get stuck in traffic. We offer breakfast sessions in two easy to reach locations near Antwerp & Gent from 7h30am till 10am.

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