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Efficient daily budgeting and reporting at Amrâth Hôtels

The successful Amrâth Hôtels group stands for comfort, personal service and a unique character. Internally, the group has a small-scale and flat structure organisation. Operations Director David Dreese explains how the organisation manages to always stay innovative and flexible: “We are at the forefront of automation because of our active collaboration with our partners. We are loyal to our partners and these partnerships make it possible for us to come up with innovative and efficient responses to the ever-changing wishes of hotel guests. The Aexis budgeting and reporting solution provides Amrâth Hôtels uniform statements per hotel on a daily basis, while other specific reports of hotels and flexible clusters of hotels can also easily be created by Amrâth Hôtels employees themselves.”

Time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets

The annual budget of the Amrâth Hôtels used to be drawn up by means of a large number of spreadsheets. Because this was always a time-consuming job, the idea of using a professional tool  had been on the table for some time. In addition, it was also necessary to be able to produce automatic, uniform and well-organised operational reports based on multiple source systems. Another requirement was that it had to be fairly easy to make changes directly in consolidated statements.

Insight in actuals, budget and forecast on a daily basis 

With the Aexis solution, all relevant data from various systems such as the PMS, POS, HR and financial applications is updated automatically on a daily basis. Financial and operational reports are available and consolidated in the centrally secured environment. The full budgeting process is supported by the central application, while budget holders can enter the figures directly into the Aexis solution. The functional key users are responsible for the functional management of the application and the development of the required reports. David Dreese: “We finally have a budgeting tool that we manage and maintain according to our own wishes and requirements. We are not losing time anymore on various decentralised hotel overviews.”

Future-proof solution for financial and operational information

The Aexis solution is scalable and flexible for the required planning, forecasting, reporting and dashboard processes. Due to the modular structure, we can start quickly and easily, while the platform also meets any future requirements. Aexis acts as a facilitator in this process. “Over the past years, Aexis has proven to be a valued and reliable partner. They sold us what we needed, and they will assist us in the further development with how we will use the solution”, according to David Dreese.

Aexis: management information for your hotel or hotel group

The Aexis solution integrates with your existing software, collects and combines the required information from it and provides you with integrated management information. You have both consolidated and detailed insight and also unique scenario analysis options. 

The planning and reporting processes can efficiently be implemented in the Aexis solution based on your current Excel sheets. For more information, go to www.aexis.com or mail us at info@nl.aexis.com.

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