Aexis ondersteunt EuroParcs met forecasting en planning

Door: Redactie Focus on ITAexis gaat EuroParcs Group ondersteunen met het optimaliseren van rapportages, analyses, planning en forecasting. EuroParcs Group exploiteert in Nederland, België, Oostenrijk en Bonaire meer dan 40 vakantieparken op A-locaties. In de eerste fase van het project zullen de huidige accountingsystemen samengebracht worden in een centrale cloudoplossing. Aexis maakt hiervoor gebruik van […]

The Aexis CPM solutions – Scored by BARC


One of the most important elements of management control is planning. Aligning your operational business with strategic corporate objectives is key for any existing future-proof business. For your planning processes to be successful, they require comprehensive analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) functionality. In addition to this, we are happy to share our experience with CPM-solutions and discuss your specific […]

Meet the different types of OLAP

Blog - meet the different types of OLAP

You may be overwhelmed with the various types and acronyms of OLAP that you find when looking into the OLAP technology. Don’t know what OLAP is exactly? Then we recommend you to read our previous blog The basics of OLAP data modeling. In general, we speak of three main categories: ROLAP, MOLAP, and HOLAP. Each […]

The basics of OLAP data modeling

The basics of OLAP data modeling are explained in this blog post. In this data driven world, an enormous amount of data is collected and stored on a daily basis. But why is it important to collect and store these huge amounts of data? Having piles of raw data can help your organization to make […]