The basics of OLAP data modeling

The basics of OLAP data modeling are explained in this blog post. In this data driven world, an enormous amount of data is collected and stored on a daily basis. But why is it important to collect and store these huge amounts of data? Having piles of raw data can help your organization to make […]

IBM Planning Analytics On-Demand — An introduction to what you can achieve

You may have read about “IBM Planning Analytics On-Demand”. It is the newest offered IBM solution for planning, reporting and forecasting, offered at a subscription starting at less than 50 Euros a month. What is included in the offer and what can you realize with the solution? IBM Planning Analytics?  IBM Planning Analytics is the […]

Efficient daily budgeting and reporting at Amrâth Hôtels

budgeting and reporting

The successful Amrâth Hôtels group stands for comfort, personal service and a unique character. Internally, the group has a small-scale and flat structure organisation. Operations Director David Dreese explains how the organisation manages to always stay innovative and flexible: “We are at the forefront of automation because of our active collaboration with our partners. We […]